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Designer Luca Schieppati took his Ciclò — a concept bike that the Milan Design Museum liked enough to include in its permanent collection—and transformed it into an exercise machine. (Nice move, because the penny-farthing-from-the-future geometry would make it nearly impossible to ride.) Push the pedals and the epicycloid crank system—a set of eccentric gears like you’d find in a pencil sharpener—spins the magnetized main wheel. This in turn generates a magnetic field and plenty of thigh-burning resistance. Just remember to stop ogling it and, you know, ride.


“Made with high quality materials including carbon, steel and glass fibres, alongside a unique technology system, Ciclotte represents a new solution for the luxury fitness world; gym-standard training on a machine light enough (121lb) to be moved around the house or office, and stylish enough to put on display! From a technical point of view, Ciclotte has been designed to reproduce the dynamics and performance of road cycling and is ideal for high intensity aerobic workouts such as spinning. It is also the first exercise bike to use an epicycloid system. This works by generating a concentrated magnetic field using a copper ring which is rotated at a high speed in front of five magnets, – which can be moved back or forwards via the touch screen display to control the strength - producing a high performance effective cycling resistance system. This has to be one of the best exercise equipment available. The magnetic resistance really does represent a truer version of real cycling. On the techie side, the touch screen enables a simplicity that means the user is instantly aware of how to work this piece of modern art. An exercise bike! Modern Art?”

Hobart I-Cool Seat

Seat designed to reduce body weight while sitting.

I-Cool, the first ever Exercise-Free, Calorie Burning seat designed to deliver significantly increased sedentary calorie burn rates.

This proprietary system, which induces accelerated calorie outtake via temperature regulation, creates a revolutionary personalized micro-environment, by allowing individual users to set their preferred temperature within the comfort of their own personal space, regardless of the climate around them.


Koldová Modern Home Furniture Made Fitness Equipment

By having the room for home gym, you can buy units of fitness exercises which aim to give chance to stretch your body. The process of creating fitness equipment to build “a set of multi-functional. Designed by Lucie Koldová, sets have a very modern design that most closely matches contemporary interiors and comprises a large storage cabinets with drawers and desk. This system has helped with stretching and muscle building