Consumer Profiles

College Student

Jenna is in her 3rd year of college and is pursuing a business law career. She takes her education very seriously, as well as her life as a college student. Every presentation she has she takes the opportunity to dress her future roll and do her best. She does the same when it’s weekend time and only goes out to have a great time with her friends while looking her best. She hates going to the gym but has her own extensive workout routine at home that she does at least 5 times a week.

Sports Star

Zack has been a football fan ever since he was born, so he states. He knows that if he gives it his all he will, one day, become the greatest player to have survived the turf. He is still young but he knows he has to take care of his body now and for the rest of his life. Besides his daily workout routine, he likes to keep up his hardcore workout at home, where he doesn’t have access to any equipment.

Young Professional

Being a female doctor has its hardships. Jacklyn has just finished medical school and is ready for the big leagues. She is going to blow away the other doctors with all the hard earned knowledge she has gained as well as her professional demeanor. Her life as a med student never left her much time to make it to the gym. She relies on the home gym she has put together with the limited funds she has accrued.

The Model

Veronica is part of one of the most demanding industries of our day. She has to look her best during every single shoot, walk on the runway, and even her daily life. She knows that her body is being critiqued at every moment, whether it is by herself or others. She will be taking care of her body well after her career is over, it is what she loves most. Her schedule doesn’t allow her much free time so she has to squeeze in a quick workout whenever she can.

Single Mom

Juli is a single mom with two children. She is a dental hygenist and using babysitters is reserved for special occasions, not going to the gym. The only time she has to spare is when her ex has the kids on every other weekend. Her life revolves around her kids and being supportive and active in their lives.

Single Dad

Will is a single father and architect. His son is in 4th grade. He has to take care of the entire household on his own. He doesn’t spend much on any new appliances and takes every chance he can to save a few bucks for his son. He does well with what he has and keeps his house and lawn clean and tidy. He does all of the work around the house with his son, showing him how to be self-reliant. He relies fully on what he has in his house and his home gym lets him workout without any worries.

The Retired Couple

After spending time working for a big time engineering company, Bob is ready to sit back, relax and collect his retirement plan. He is the official owner of just over an acre and a half of land that he and his wife tend to every day. His grass is in perfect shape due to their constant attention and passion to have a beautiful lawn and garden. Now that they are retired, they love spending time around the house, even when doing their weekly workout routine.